Project Manager

“I'm so happy with my decision to join this team. My interaction with the company as a whole is very encouraging and positive, but what stands out the most is that every single member of the senior leadership team has always taken the time to listen. From being extremely responsive when I reach out to scheduling weekly check-ins just to ask how we are doing; personally and professionally it’s refreshing to have such direct, clear, and thoughtful communication.”



Project Manager

“I have held multiple positions within the construction industry, and while I’ve always strived to do well, I wasn't always given the support to do it exceptionally. I am honored to be a part of a company that not only promotes my growth but supports my need to do so. Scalora Consulting Group clearly has a vested interest in my success, and the learning process is encouraged! The firm-wide mindset and culture of wanting all team members to succeed is incredibly motivational.”



Project Manager

“I know my experience and hard work ethic are an asset to the firm, but on a day to day basis, I am made to feel important, and that my contributions are critical to the firm’s success. This team is so collaborative, communicative, and celebratory, and I’m so excited to work for a firm that appreciates me and my accomplishments.”

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Project Manager

“I’m thrilled to say I love working every day with my team and client. I now have a new perspective on the industry, gained a ton experience, and have greatly increased my project knowledge since joining the firm. I get so much support, focus, and encouragement here, and the path to professional and personal growth is clear. I can’t wait to see my career continue to flourish!”