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As an assistant project manager and coordinator, Todd has a growth mindsight and is excited to experience the more technical aspects of a project within the design and construction industry. He specializes in financial controls and logistics coordination, and utilizes his proficient communication skills to support and collaborate with cross-functional teams. Todd’s determination to become a strong and respected leader makes him a standout member of the team as it means he wants to absorb as much information as possible while analyzing lessons learned and applying those lessons in tackling new challenges. What he loves most about the job is seeing a project grow from goals and objectives on paper to a finished and functional building. He is reliable, trustworthy, hardworking, and always motivated to problem solve.

Todd has a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace from Middle Tennessee State University as well as a Bachelor of Science in Sport and Fitness Administration/ Management from the University of Tennessee. Outside the office, Todd has a strong connection with nature and community. He believes in protecting the environment and loves to hike, travel, and explore the outdoors. In the community, he’s motivated to help those less fortunate, especially the homeless community and those negatively impacted by a storm; he’s driven to make a positive impact.

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