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As an Assistant Project Manager, Mary’s love of project management and growth mindset allows her to learn quickly, thriving both independently and collaboratively. Each individual project is unique and comes with its own set of complexities; Mary loves a good challenge and hits each one hard with a solutions-oriented perspective. She consistently asks the tough questions to ensure she grows with the industry. What sets Mary apart is her passion for innovative technology while always seeking the most efficient way to complete a task. Her favorite part of the job is seeing a conceptual plan come to life in the final built environment while creating and nurturing client relationships built on trust.

Mary earned a Masters in Business Operations and Project Management from Souther New Hampshire University as well as a BA in Psychology from UMass Lowell. Outside of work, you can find Mary basking in the sun while skiing, kayaking, or hiking; or restaurant-hopping as a self-admitted foodie. She loves to cook and her perfected meatball recipe is a favorite among her family and friends.

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