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At Scalora Consulting Group, we are committed to guiding clients through any project, from concept through completion. Our cutting-edge team is focused on high-quality customer service while meeting schedules and budgets in the most efficient way possible. We pride ourselves on listening to our client's needs and tailoring our services to each engagement. We provide turnkey project management services or a la carte consulting services.


Working with us, you'll learn all of our differentiators, but here's a few that set us apart:


We seek to inject new technology and innovative ways of thinking into the design and construction industry by staying ahead of trends, being early adopters, and collaborating with partners to create the right tools and resources for client and project success.


One of our goals is for the cost of our services to be a net zero cost to our clients at the end of the project. The earlier we are brought into a project, the greater the opportunity to achieve this goal. In some cases, we have achieved cost savings far greater than our fee. We accomplish this by working as a team with stakeholders rather than creating a “them” versus “us” environment.


The world is becoming more complex, and our clients are requiring teams who can adapt quickly to changing needs. As a firm, we train and develop our individuals and teams in such a way that allows us to respond with speed and quality for clients.

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Below are some of the services we offer as owner's representatives:

  • Project Management

  • Team Selection Process

  • Construction Project Management

  • Program Management

  • Financial Planning and Cost Control

  • Clerk of the Works

  • Construction Mitigation

  • Schedule Development & Schedule Control

  • MEP Consulting Services

  • Sustainability Consulting

  • Furniture/Fixtures/Equipment Management

  • Relocation Management

  • Masterplanning

  • Feasibility Studies/Due Diligence

  • Facility Assessments


Scalora Consulting Group has compiled current conditions to streamline information for our clients and provide a snapshot of market conditions. We are sharing this information to help make more informed decisions on our clients' projects. Budget and schedule are consistently being impacted by inflation and supply chain issues. Scalora Consulting Group utilizes cost and procurement data which provide insight into recent and future market trends. This useful tool can assist in understanding and planning for construction projects.


"The Scalora Consulting Group Team has proven to be an invaluable resource for TÜV SÜD for several major capital projects. Their approach is comprehensive and based on sound methodology. The consultants assigned to our projects have saved us money and guided us through complicated construction challenges. I would highly recommend their services.”


Eric B. Cohan

Head of Real Estate & Facilities 

TÜV SÜD North America 

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