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Scalora Consulting Group’s Helping Hand Fund has consistently donated to Project Breathing Hope for years, not just to join the fight against lung cancer, but in support of our friend and colleague, Matt Cipriani. In 2021, Matt lost his wife, Dr. Jennifer Cipriani, at the age of 47 to lung cancer – she was a non-smoker.Matt is committed to creating a better healthcare system through his efforts in the design and construction industry, and we are honored to support Matt in this effort. He is also fighting to end this terrible disease by continuing his wife’s legacy through Project Breathing Hope, which Jen founded to directly advance research, education, early screening, and treatment. He participated in Stand Up to Cancer’s 2021 Lung Cancer Virtual Voices Summit. As part of this three-day event, Matt was able to share his family’s story, along with the healthcare system’s challenges and obstacles he’s faced, with senators and house representatives in support of a $26 million bill supporting awareness, research, and clinical trials.In his current role on the Board of Directors of the Lung Cancer Research Foundation, Matt has continued Project Breathing Hope.


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