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Enzo Scalora, President & CEO of Scalora Consulting Group, was featured on H+O Structural Engineering Design Development podcast with Rens Hayes IV discussing the role of an owner's project manager and the importance of bringing them in early in the project. He emphasizes the need for transparency, collaboration, and alignment among the project team to minimize risks and ensure successful outcomes. Enzo also shares his insights on the future of the industry, including the importance of innovation, productivity, and sustainability. He highlights real-life examples where his company has saved clients millions of dollars through clear alignment, effective problem-solving, and smart decision-making.

Key Takeaways

  • As a certified B Corporation, Scalora Consulting Group aims to balance profit with purpose by making profit for its shareholders while simultaneously making a commitment to improving social well-being.

  • An owner's project manager acts as a support system for clients who lack expertise or staff to manage building projects.

  • Bringing in an owner's rep early in the project can help minimize risks, address team dynamics, and avoid budget overruns.

  • Value engineering should be done throughout the design process to make informed decisions and minimize redesigns.

  • Building strong relationships and trust among team members is crucial for effective collaboration and successful project outcomes.

  • The industry should focus on innovation, including prefab construction, automation, and AI, to improve productivity and efficiency.

  • Sustainable growth is more important than rapid expansion, and it involves stabilizing and improving the business to create long-term value.


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