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With over 16 years of experience in construction, design, and project development, Garrett is a core member of the owner’s project management team and most comfortable on large and complex projects. His collaborative nature, strong technical skills, and ability to plan and forecast add to the creative process while bringing a seasoned and logical perspective to challenges. Garrett enjoys working closely with owners, designers, and contractors to execute the client’s vision and often says the most rewarding part of his job is “when a plan that was once sketched on a napkin comes to life and fires on all cylinders”.
Garrett loves to spend time cooking and hiking with his wife and three girls. His favorite hobbies are playing guitar, growing his record collection, and trail running in Nashville’s Warner Parks where many of his best ideas and solutions to his projects emerge. “There truly is a trail running analogy for almost any project management scenario”.
Garrett holds a Master of Engineering degree from Vanderbilt University focused on Project Management, and two Bachelor’s degrees in Construction and Real Estate from both Middle Tennessee State University and the University of Memphis.

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